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The story

SCAIS was established in 1994 by a group of Sheffield residents who recognised the pressing need for interpreting services in the community. At the time, many non-English speakers in the area were relying on family and friends to interpret for them during important appointments with public services like doctors and social workers.

Realising the vital role that interpreting played in ensuring effective communication, the group formed a not-for-profit organisation and began seeking funding to support their work. Sheffield Community Access and Interpreting Service (SCAIS) was born.

The agency quickly proved its worth, and its interpreting services became essential for ensuring that non-English speakers could access important services without barriers. SCAIS’s success didn’t go unnoticed, and soon, the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS asked the agency to join their trust.

From there, SCAIS grew across South Yorkshire county, providing interpreting services for a wide range of clients, including healthcare providers, solicitors’ offices, and benefit agencies.

Needs of the organisation

To remain competitive in the growing market, SCAIS aimed to improve its profile and strengthen connections with clients and employees.


updated brand identity

marketing campaign delivering the key messages

creation of two channels on social media for communication with clients and employees


Communication designed

The brand identity redesign was inspired by the popular word board game Scrabble, chosen for its relevance to the nature of interpreting services and its witty appeal, which received positive feedback.


To complement the dynamic brand identity, the following campaign has been developed to effectively deliver key messages to the intended audiences.

scais-designed-business-card-hold in a hand
scais-designed business-card the reversed side
id card with a photo of a person his name number and message 'local employer' with the SCAIS logo

Range of communication materials to engage with its clients and employees, including letterheads, compliment slips, email signatures, and two social media channels.

These materials are designed to reinforce the company’s brand identity and ensure consistency in its messaging across all channels to enhance a sense of trust and reliability.

scais-letter-head with address of the sender on the top right and logos of associated partners. content of the letter on the left middle per standard
compliment-slip similar to the letterhead above with changed logo spelling SCAIS in a set up of the letters
Brand Identity


Name development
Tone of voice
Brand positioning

Applied on

 Business cards
 Email signatures
 Social media

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Website design


Website development
 Hosting for websites
 Custom emails
Enhanced security
 Back ups
 Technical support

Enhanced performance and UX (User Experience)

WPO (Web Performance Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

CDN (Content Delivery Network) improving WPO and SEO

Low carbon emissions websites

Landing pages (campaigns) design


 WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

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 Examination of your current strategies and plans through a critical lens to identify their weaknesses and strengths


 Evaluation of alternatives


 An action plan outlining viable strategies needed to reach your objectives


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