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The story

SCAIS is a community interpreting agency founded in 1994 by Sheffield workers.

Back then, people who moved to England started interpreting for their family members and friends while attending appointments with doctors, social workers and with other Sheffield City Council public services, as the vast majority of the people could not speak the language.

Their interpreting services proved to be indispensable to run the public services effectively.

After a few months, the workers decided to form a not-for-profit organisation and apply for funding to allow them to continue helping others, not at the expense of their own time but rather become paid for their work. Consequently, Sheffield Community Access and Interpreting Service (SCAIS) came into official existence.

The potential of the community interpreting agency was large. Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS noticed this and asked SCAIS to become a part of the NHS trust itself.

Following this, the agency grew throughout South Yorkshire County, and its interpreting services have been regularly used by general practitioners, dental surgeries, hospitals, solicitors’ offices, court sessions, housing projects and benefits agencies.

Needs of the organisation

Enhance its profile and better connect with clients and employees, to resist pressures from the ever-growing competition.

Fulfilment of the needs

updated brand identity

marketing campaign delivering the key messages

creation of two channels on social media for communication with clients and employees


Communication designed

The redesign of the brand identity is based on the well-known word board game Scrabble. Its relevance to the interpreting services and its wit were well received.


Letterhead, compliment slip, email signature and two social media channels were created to communicate with clients and employees.

scais-designed-business-card-hold in a hand
scais-designed business-card the reversed side
id card with a photo of a person his name number and message 'local employer' with the SCAIS logo

Letterhead, compliment slip, email signature and two social media channels were created to communicate with clients and employees.

scais-letter-head with address of the sender on the top right and logos of associated partners. content of the letter on the left middle per standard
compliment-slip similar to the letterhead above with changed logo spelling SCAIS in a set up of the letters
Brand Identity


Name development
Tone of voice
Brand positioning

Applied on

 Business cards
 Email signatures
 Social media

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Website design


Website development
 Hosting for websites
 Custom emails
Enhanced security
 Back ups
 Technical support

Enhanced performance and UX (User Experience)
WPO (Web Performance Optimisation)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
CDN (Content Delivery Network) improving WPO and SEO
Low carbon emissions websites
Landing pages (campaigns) design
 WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

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 Examination of your current strategies and plans through a critical lens to identify their weaknesses and strengths

 Evaluation of alternatives

 An action plan outlining viable strategies needed to reach your objectives

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