Green Ice Camera

Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

rebranding, strategy, web-design structure


The story

Green Ice Camera (GCA) is an organisation set up to encourage media producers in the Arctic and the Barents Region to follow specific work procedures, introduced by the Green Ice Camera, to limit their ecological footprint and support the local communities.

GCA’s ambition is to expand in the coming years, influencing media production in Iceland, Canada, Greenland and Alaska.

Needs of the organisation

Get the attention of media producers in the Arctic and encourage them to follow the Green Ice Camera (GIC) work procedures in their productions.

Fulfilment of the needs

rebranding, communicating professionalism and experience

strategy to support GIC ambitions 

structure for their web design to guide users through specified stages (marketing funnel) to the desired action

Communication designed

GIC rebranded to communicate professionalism and experience with a certain level of authority, to avoid being perceived as a project made by students for younger audiences only.

It gives the organisation an opportunity to expand its influences in the future to other types of media made in the Arctic, such as photography, music, theatre and others.

Also, the rebrand minimises a chance to not be perceived as so-called ‘greenwash’, which is paired with ineffective regulations, contributing to consumer skepticism of green claims. And that’s by not having the word ‘green’ in their name. As they are not well established neither recognised in the global society by long term activities.


GIC’s intention for the future is to become a certification mark for sustainably produced media in the whole Arctic.

The name change and the feel of the identity communicate clearly the way a film was produced and what is the organisation’s mission, having a better chance to perform outside of the GIC circles and influence other professionals’ work procedures, as initially designed.


The Media Made Sustainably Arctic acronym – ‘mms Arctic’ – below, is designed to be used on limited spaces such as A6 flyers, stationery etc.

The acronym is easy to remember due to the well-known multimedia messaging service (MMS) acronym with which many are aware.

This is to make it easier for people to spread the word about the organisation and increase the traffic to their website.

The variation of the logo to be used on limited spaces such as A6 flyers, stationery etc.


The blue circle represents Earth and the white semi-circle, the Arctic.


The white semi-circle depicting the Arctic Circle is also a subtle suggestion of a smile, thereby reflecting positivism and hope.


The blue circle (symbolising planet Earth) is intentionally placed in the same location as the positioning of a registered trademark symbol, ®.

The symbol ® communicates registration in a patent and trademark office, and, therefore, communicates protection.

This way the logo creates an impression of protection, namely protection of the Arctic, which is one of the main GIC intentions.

Brand Identity


Name development
Tone of voice
Brand positioning

Applied on

 Business cards
 Email signatures
 Social media

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Website design


Website development
 Hosting for websites
 Custom emails
Enhanced security
 Back ups
 Technical support

Enhanced performance and UX (User Experience)
WPO (Web Performance Optimisation)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
CDN (Content Delivery Network) improving WPO and SEO
Low carbon emissions websites
Landing pages (campaigns) design
 WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

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 Examination of your current strategies and plans through a critical lens to identify their weaknesses and strengths

 Evaluation of alternatives

 An action plan outlining viable strategies needed to reach your objectives

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